SkyViper V2450GPS at Costco in Australia

A friend of @Leonardthall saw this at costco in Australia

nice to see it arrive down under!

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no Costco in WA though

And there is a $60 joining fee before purchase :sob:

Have a member friend buy it for you :wink:

The Cosco deal in the US (I imagine similar in Australia) is quite attractive. $129, with extra battery and 16GB SD card. That’s close to 30% off compared to equivalent if purchased at regular price.

Thanks for the info, Tridge.

I’ll head down this afternoon and grab one or two…that’s if they have stock left!

Told the wife, I’ll do the shopping today…she’s looking at me like you are up to something because I never do the shopping:grinning:

Wow brilliant! Thanks for the tip.
Now I just have to see how I can get it from the Eastern States…quick trip across the nullabor to SA? :slight_smile:

Adelaide Costco has plenty of stock.

This is what comes in the box. The blanked out bit is: Screwdriver & extra screws.

Had a quick fly this morning and I’m pretty happy with the purchase. Well done Arudupilot developers!

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