Skyviper jounery motor replacment?

hi guys just got the journey for Christmas having so much fun with it but crashed pretty hard and broke one of the teeth on the motor gear. Do you guys think I should order new motors from skyviper? or I was thinkining about buying after market brushless motors and modding them in would that be possible? I’m handy with a soldering iron thanks in advance for any help you could offer?

Just replace the brushed motor. To go brushless would require 1S ESC’s for them. Then figure out where the control signals are on the board and then some configuration changes in Arducopter. It would be a Kluge. Check out the V2450GPS threads there is some discussion about it there.

I thought this year’s Sky Vipers had free replacement parts for a year.

thanks for info man ill look into that

I can tell you aftermarket parts Will work on the Journey but not on the 2450gps except from Sky Viper

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I think your right but I dont have the receipt unfortuantly and the website said they require I copy of it to get the free parts

Contact them anyways. you couldn’t possibly be outside the 1 year free parts because it hasn’t been on sale that long. they should (hopefully) honor it…assuming they have any in stock.

also, be forewarned, you’ll need to know how to solder to replace the motors. the 2450 were plug-in, but they saved cost by soldering them this time. i know you just need to gear, but eventually you’ll have to replace the motors, so just know you’ll need to solder.

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When you order motors for the Journey …You also get the board and they are already wired to the board


ah yes. good observation, i forgot about that.
Guess that means when you need new motors, you get a whole new (frameless) quad with it :slight_smile:

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Not necessarily true…

If you are referring to the connector for the motors, you can keep the connector inserted then clip the wires down the line near the older motors and solder the new motor wires there. That’ll also give you double the wire length, if needed.

SortA. The sonix is wired the right way but the ublox has two wires switched into the connectooff the controller. I aneed to find a transmitter that works with the Journey. I have the rest of the electronics

I have also managed to chip a gear tooth on the small gear. I’ve been able to keep in the air by pushing the small gear further down on the shaft. I was able to get the big above the chipped tooth. That will keep me going until my replacement parts order arrived.

I am flying a little more conservatively while waiting! :wink:

Hope this helps someone else.