SkyViper glider tow

The SkyViper is a real hit with the kids at our flying field. On Sunday afternoon we tried something new, using a SkyViper to tow launch a tiny balsa glider.
Toby and Cassandra led the project by building their balsa gliders and attaching them to the SkyViper.
The glider was attached to the SkyViper using a couple of tea-bag strings, earning the SkyViper the nickname “tea-bag copter”. A small piece of tape was used to hold it to the nose of the plane. After climbing to a good height a bit of forward speed would pull off the tape and the glider released nicely. The string was looped around the battery lead of the SkyViper.
It worked rather well, so we can now add glider tow aircraft to the list of abilities of the SkyViper.

The first flight ended with the tea-bag string caught around a SkyViper propeller, bring it down fast (with no damage). After that we added a small pebble to the string to weight it, and the second flight went perfectly.