Skyviper app reported SD card full, but had 14GB free

As the subject says. I knew i had a lot on there, but a “lot” is relative when the recorded video is so low resolution. When i got the card out i noticed it only had 2 GB full. It’s a 16GB card. But the app said it couldn’t record to it anymore, and instead forced me to record to my phone. Is there a limit on this?

2GB sounds like a fat-fs file size limit.

Did it utterly fail to record anything past this error message? i.e.
after a reboot it refused to start recording?

Is there a 2GB file on there?

No largest file was about 200mb. I did reboot because I switched batteries.
App still have error. Although after I posted this, I did notice that Some
of my recordings after I got that message did end up in the card. Might be
another App issue