SkyViper and Tower GCS

Greetings everyone… first post here!!

I’m a pretty experienced RC flyer - both fixed wing and heli, but only just venturing into drones. Got a 2450 GPS as a gift, and am quite amazed at what I am discovering. However, please tolerate my drone ignorance!

I am hoping to get familiar with the Tower GCS, and am hoping I can be pointed to some online resources regarding this. I have gotten it to connect to the drone, but am yet to create/upload/fly a mission. So any resources would be appreciated.

Also, I have so far been unable to get the onboard camera to display in the Tower app. Any suggestions?

Many thanks everyone!!

Ive been having the same problem

I’m struggling to get my sv to connect with tower . Any ideas?

Here is a great informative video, with step by step instructions for modifying parameters to make the SV talk to TOWER

Text instructions:

The SkyViper has its own app that runs on android or iOS, but to access the full capabilities of the ArduCopter firmware you may prefer to use another ground station package. The SkyViper can work with a wide range of GCS software, including MissionPlanner, QGC, Tower, MAVProxy etc. For each of them, set them up to listen on UDP port 14550. The SkyViper uses MAVLink2 by default, which doesn’t work with some older GCS software (such as Tower). To use those GCS versions you need to change the parameter SERIAL1_PROTOCOL to 1 from the default of 2. That will allow MAVLink1 GCS implementations to connect. As the SkyViper uses UDP broadcasts you can connect from multiple devices at once.

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