SkyViper and Tiny GPS RTK

Hello Guys,

We are trying to do some swarming GCS and skyviper is perfect for fun and testing with it.

I need to do some sort of quick test to determine how good the position precision is from the GCS so i need a good GPS , Tiny RTK sounds perfect for it.

how hard will be it to replace the GPS module from Skyviper for this one ?

in terms of hardware compatibility cabling ?
and in terms of software firmware ?

thanks a lot in advance.

TinyRTK requires external antenna which would most likely be too big and heavy.
Swapping current GPS with Here+ at 48g could work, not sure what net weight difference would be, but if under 25g or so (or a bit more if swapping battery with appropriate Li-Ion), could work.

Great idea!

I’ve had up to 4 simultaneously in the air, on auto missions and shown on MP, btw. Worked fine.
Not really or technically swarming in the sense that they were not coordinating in real time, but a start. Now I understand your need to get station mode working :wink:

Lots of possibilities also given their tiny size and throw mode, like dropping them from a larger drone. Here’s a video of first drop.

Video of three of them dropped from a vertical hanging position from one drone and everybody coming home, all autonomous, coming up.

Very interested in your swarming GCS …


Hi OlivierB

Nice dropping test.

Some colleagues are working in custom hardware for the swarming and it takes time so i need to do field test work to progress with the GS so skyviper is my friend, anyway skyviper with good rtk could do a nice work too i think.

Yes The antennas looks heavy , I thought about the weight but Tiny rtk seem to be the lighter rtk and maybe some much smaller antenna instead of the normal one could work too.

I also saw the but those seem to weight a bit more than Tiny rtk.

what is the weight of here+
do you think is lighter than Tiny rtk ?

so you already connected the here+ to SkyViper ?
how did you do it ?,
was it hard ?

here just a internal mobile video of a test with the GS and skyviper following realtime 3d spiral shape in xyz space and mapped back to gps. the gps signal was not too good and the shape small in meters even though for me it looked promising ;D


the GS should be able in theory to run hundreds of quads and skyvipers already :blush:

hope we can show proper swarming video soon.

let me know about rtk if you have some nice solution for skyviper.


Colorsound, very cool spiral!

Haven’t connected Here+ to a Viper, but it should not be a problem, just a matter of swapping and resoldering connections and figuring out a mounting solution, could just be a matter of redesigning viper plastic top cover and 3D print, or just hot glue, velcro, double-sided tape or equivalent for quick test and prototyping. Weight is 48g all in including cable, so swapping for existing GPS should work weight wise. I haven’t weighted the current GPS though. Also “fits” physically, although ti would protrude.

I’ll likely try this soon as time permits.

TinyRTK could work too if an adequate and real small antenna (patch?) could be found for it, not sure.

Hi, thanks , so sounds promising and possible, i,ll let you know if i get any of the devices or if i get to do any rtk test. please tell me if you do any test too. cheers.

Hey there ! I too am getting into swarming and so I’m curious about your progress and insights into getting this working for SkyVipers :slight_smile:

You mentioned the GS – are you developing your own?
How’s the hardware coming along too?
Any other updates ?

Looking forward to hearing a lot more :slight_smile:

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