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Skyviper 2018 lineup leaked in this video

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I guess we all have our favorite options. Lol

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I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

(Dude) #15

I thought you had posted about this once before but I could be wrong. They block the "N’ range of the wireless signal.

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Yeah probably the same as the discussions I’ve seen about why they don’t do 5.8Ghz FPV. Something to do with stores not wanting them to have the frequency

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I was also hoping the Journey would be the “do everything” drone, but they didn’t include Optical Flow sensor in the Journey. And the transmitter doesn’t even have an option for switching to “indoor” (altHold) mode. Although, I’m sure it’ll auto switch because @tridge wrote the software. Either way, it would have been nice for indoor stab on the journey. Oh well, at least i can impress my friends with the (hopefully) much cheaper Fury.

(Dude) #18

Yes, nice leap into the OFS in the other models. Rather have the GPS though. Realistic to believe it may be a couple years (2020?) but hoping for a model that is a slightly larger 2450, 3DR tribute, Stage 3?

My DJI GPS clone had a 720p camera, 2.4ghz but the same mount for a sport cam. Maybe that’s a route SV could take.

(Joe Dennis) #19

Interesting about the wireless G vs N cuts signal distance by about half if I am to believe wikipidia.
I wonder could a optical flow sensor be added to flight board or the Sonix . I see the parameters show in Web interface on drone . No way I could do it I can’t even solder 2 wires together with out hrs of frustration . Besides not having a clue about any electronics or codeng

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Not sure what protocol those sensors use. (I’m still new here) but if I2C
the v2450 board has a one I believe. So technically yes. Of course you’d
have to load AC master and set it up in the parameters (using Mission

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Sweet. The firmware for all 3 new models has hit skyviper’s firmware site.

When can we see some promo videos @tridge ??

(Iamczar) #22

@lordneeko there will be a new app for 2018 series. It will support waypoints and follow mode :slight_smile:

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Yes I know. I’m hoping it’ll work better than the old one. Which created a
lot of latency in the video and crashed frequently. I’m also hoping they
started with like a Tower fork or something. That’s be nice!

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P.S. The Journey firmware is NOT compatible with the 2450GPS :wink:

(John Orthoefer) #25

Has anyone heard of the release date for the 2018 models? I just see “Fall”, I was wondering if anyone has heard any updates as to when they will be shipping them out to be “In Stores”.

(Joe Dennis) #26

Interesting Neeko , I hope it is better working then last SV app .

(Dude) #27

I’m hoping they switched to using current detection instead of voltage. That alone would be a great improvement.

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Nothing. But i contacted the guy who did the product intro video on the 2450GPS, and he contacted @Matt_M who is the lead Dev from skyviper, and they are hopefully scheduling a demo video at some point.

YouTube channel:

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Sounds like it’ll be a total re-write, because the new journey advertises missions. I’m betting it’ll be a straight fork of Tower. Lol

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99% chance that ain’t happening. :slight_smile:

(Brad Gray) #31

Can a person use the v2450 transmitter with the Journey

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They will be incompatible.