Skyviper 2018 lineup leaked in this video

Not sure where he got the info, can’t find it on Google. but just as I suspected, they have a 4th Journey model, which even advertises the advanced AP features like waypoint navigation. Not sure how they will do that will the simple controller. Hopefully a totally redesigned App. Check it out here.


Thanks for the heads up lordneeko . . . very informative but this newb is pretty satisfied with this years model. I’ve wondered why the 2017 V2450GPS gets more attention than the V2900 Pro?

because the v2900 pro was kinda a failure. it was an ok drone, but it had
issues with stability (from what i’ve read). I never owned one, but i read
several places that it just didn’t live up to the capabilities that
SkyRocket wanted it to. And basically the reason they switched to
Ardupilot was because they were pegging up against the capabilities of
CleanFlight with the 2900 pro and they couldn’t get the CleanFlight
development team to get on board making changes they needed. AP on the
other hand jumped at the opportunity.

I do wish they would have made the Journey a Brushless model though. :
that’s disappointing.

I agree with you about the brushless motors. Maybe the 2019 model Stage 3 will have it.

Didn’t like the game controller look of the transmitter. Happy with the current design. Now if we could just get a better antenna for it.

Ditto on brushless . . . btw, has anyone tried fitting a SV with direct drive brushed motors as opposed to reduction. How can we find the rating on the stock motors? Most of the direct drive props I see are somewhat smaller.

It’s getting real. The Dash just got registered with the FCC. Others can’t be far behind.

Fury is now registered too.

Wow…that Optical Flow sensor is really well integrated into this thing. The board images are pretty impressive. It’s a small board, considering it also includes the OF sensor on board.

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The Scout just hit the FCC. Of course the person who entered the data had a few typos. (Scout Straming Drone? I’ve always wanted a straming drone.)

Now where’s that Journey!? And when is the shelf date!?

One big plus is on the images of the manual it talks of a Skyviper video viewer 2.0 app (not in the play store yet). Hopefully they’ve learned from all the app problems and made one that is “good”.

And the Journey GPS is registered. But they ruined it! All the internal pictures shows soldered connections instead of plugs, including the motors. So if one of the brushed motors dies, and it will, you’ll have to desolder and solder the news ones. Horrible choice. Very disappointing. I suppose there is a chance that the production version will be slightly different than the FCC filing

I disagree but as someone who builds his own electronics, I hate connectors. So many times over the years, with anything, having to dis/reconnect cables because of the cheap tin used in their manufacture. I welcome a good, solid solder joint anytime.

LN, have you been able to get any info on cracking open the 802.11N ? I see they’ve blocked it in the software again.

I guess we all have our favorite options. Lol

I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

I thought you had posted about this once before but I could be wrong. They block the "N’ range of the wireless signal.

Yeah probably the same as the discussions I’ve seen about why they don’t do 5.8Ghz FPV. Something to do with stores not wanting them to have the frequency

I was also hoping the Journey would be the “do everything” drone, but they didn’t include Optical Flow sensor in the Journey. And the transmitter doesn’t even have an option for switching to “indoor” (altHold) mode. Although, I’m sure it’ll auto switch because @tridge wrote the software. Either way, it would have been nice for indoor stab on the journey. Oh well, at least i can impress my friends with the (hopefully) much cheaper Fury.

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Yes, nice leap into the OFS in the other models. Rather have the GPS though. Realistic to believe it may be a couple years (2020?) but hoping for a model that is a slightly larger 2450, 3DR tribute, Stage 3?

My DJI GPS clone had a 720p camera, 2.4ghz but the same mount for a sport cam. Maybe that’s a route SV could take.

Interesting about the wireless G vs N cuts signal distance by about half if I am to believe wikipidia.
I wonder could a optical flow sensor be added to flight board or the Sonix . I see the parameters show in Web interface on drone . No way I could do it I can’t even solder 2 wires together with out hrs of frustration . Besides not having a clue about any electronics or codeng

Not sure what protocol those sensors use. (I’m still new here) but if I2C
the v2450 board has a one I believe. So technically yes. Of course you’d
have to load AC master and set it up in the parameters (using Mission