Skydroid T12--Solution for long range UAV

Skydroid T12

Skydroid T12 is our most innovation product now. Currently used in the industry of plant protection , electric inspection and patrol robot, integrated with video transmission(over 20km) ,data transmission(over 30km) and remote control all in one while the power consumption is only 0.1 Watt! This advanced technolgy became the development trend of the drone industry since we support and compatible with all the open source protocol flight control in the market.

Here is some Youtube video for your reference :


Something bad happens to my Skydroid T12 system. Today for some unknown reason, I cannot connect to Skydroid FPV or FUAV Device Helper or Skydroid tower, in all cases the app will open and then it will be reduced immediately, unable to keep it active and a message appears saying “Skydroid FPV Keeps Stopping”. However Qgroundcontrol works OK.
I’m very confused. This happens with all the equipment that I connect and that previously worked very well with all my android phones and tablets(Samsung tablet, huawei’s Phone, etc)
After trying a series of maneuvers, it turns out that I deactivated the internet connection of the devices and, “voilá” !, they started working again, while they were not connected to the internet. I connect the internet again and they fail again.
I have tried everything from reinstalling the apps, seeing other versions, etc and nothing happens
The bad thing is that without the internet, there is no map update.
Big problem
Please help

I have looked for some support without success. It is painful since I am waiting for the arrival of several T12 and T10 transmitters. Now I am very concerned about my investment

we would like stream the video feed from the remote to the q ground control instead of the skydroid fpv Please provide the solution

Anyone noticed the skydroid app for displaying the video no longer working ?

I haven’t used it in a while was working using it till June … Recently the skydroid fpv launches then crashes . An running a pixel 2 with latest updates .

Contacted skydroid still no response about the app

Apparently the app store is filled with people not being able to get the doc working …most of these reviews were recent. So they must have broken something

anyone know what happened to skydroid . have they gone bust hence no more updates to the software (that now crashes on startup) ?