Sky Viper F412 mention

The Ardupilot on ChibiOS presentation at UnConference 2018 states on the last page, Support for many boards including the Sky Viper 2450 and Sky Viper F412. What is the F412?

You can look up the commits here.
Some notable observations
It will use a H62 video sensor (google shows it has 1080p/30fps and 720p/60fps ability
cc2500 Tx module
bk2425 Rx module
These are all chips you can look up on google.
Also, some commits show it’ll have a “stunt” button added, so likely a higher framerate sv1750 re-make using ardupilot.

Don’t know what it’ll look like, but I bet it’ll have a white plasticy body :wink:

Also, likely based on this board.

Now that is some good sleuthing Scott. Post the prototype pics smuggled out factory when you get them :slight_smile:

Lol, I already have a notification set on the FCC page for Sky Rocket Llc :wink:

I guess they’re not gonna let out any secrets or hints lol

By the way, they are either getting really close to a release cycle, or have gotten tired of me “guessing” their next products, because it looks like commits to the public repo has slowed down. So they are either working in a non-public repo for now, or they are close to releasing so they don’t have many more commits to make. Could be in the testing phase. The only commits I’ve seen lately are some number nudging. And they still haven’t confirmed nor denied anything

You forget to add opticalflow sensor for no-gps flight !

you’re right, they have added in opticalflow commits!