Sky tracking mod?


hope all is going well. i was looking to purchase the sky viper for software modding and wanted to know the community take on it. Most specifically I am looking to do some image tracking and live precision landing based off certain targets. My 2 questions are is the sky viper chipset open to custom code…i know it runs ardupilot but i am concerned with the access of it. My second question is if it is open to software modding, do you guys think the processor can handle live image processing? Please let me know. any help would be appreciated.

The Skyviper can run ArduCopter Master. The skyviper changes were merged into master back in february.

Additionally, the Sonix board (companion computer with web server, video, wifi, etc), Ardupilot (factory version), and Transmitter code is all open source here

You can download the OEM firmware here

And the arducopter master (and betas) here

I’m not sure how much “space” is left on the Sonix. It’s probably pretty tight, and most certainly doesn’t have the processing ability to do camera tracking…but I could be wrong. The new 2018 models will have OpticalFlow built in, which is “technically” camera tracking :slight_smile:

All the info you need to build and load the code is here