Sky Viper bargains

Toys-R-Us closing all stores. Might be able a pick up a bargain on a Sky Viper model

Hi @Dude , any new update about this?

Meh, I checked yesterday an my local Toys R Us just has a 10% off sign on all RC products. There were 2 sv2450 GPS on the shelf.

My local target has them for $99.99 with a coupon that gets you $25 off a $100 toy purchase. Looks like it is valid nationwide until 3/31/2018. Got one today for $75. Just had to buy a one dollar item to push it over $100 as tax does not count.

@TECH_GEEK10 thanks, this is awesome

. . . . and . . . you can drive the price down yet another $3.75 (5% of $75) to $71.25 by using your Target Red Card!
Hey, it pays the tax.