Sky viper 2450 question (applies to gps OR fpv OR 2400HD)

Hey everyone, long time reader and first time poster. I have the sky viper 2450 fpv which is almost the same, my question would be the same for either drone anyway. I have been having trouble with the onboard SD card, I can get about 2 minutes of video (it’s like 15-20 degrees outside now) but after the low battery beeping comes on it seems like it quits recording. I fly for over 5 minutes after the low battery beeping comes on and have the camera running the whole time I think but I’m only getting a couple minutes recording out of the camera. I have the highest write speed and a 32 GB Card with almost nothing on it.Does the low battery beeping shut the camera off? It starts beeping after a few minutes but I can fly about 3-4 minutes more after (no it’s not the video recording beep, that’s much different).
Another question I have is about something in the instructions, it says for an emergency stop to “hold down the stunt button (for drones that don’t have a stunt button, use the video button) and move both thumb sticks down and away from the center of the controller” (NOTE: my drone has a stunt button) anyway when I use the emergency shutoff it doesnt do anything, sometimes it tries to do the stunt/barrel roll/flip thing and sometimes it veers off to the side from the stick input. I have tried different timing and everything and can’t seem to get it right. Sorry to thread hijack but could anyone help? Thanks!

@Matt_M might have an idea, but the 2450-FPV runs different firmware than the 2450-GPS (which uses ArduPilot), so the rest of us can’t really help much. Sorry!

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Hi there!

The 2450HD (black frame, non-GPS) uses Cleanflight, while the 2450GPS (white frame, GPS) uses ArduCopter.

This last year we brought ArduCopter over to the Journey (white, GPS), Scout (Black, No GPS, but with Optical Flow) and Fury (Black, no GPS, but with Optical Flow).

For the card, you don’t need a high-speed card as it’s 720p video and not a 100Mbps 4K feed like the $1k models. Just make sure it’s formatted to FAT filesystem. And yes, the recording stops when the critical battery alarm starts. I think what’s happening here is that due to the temperature, the LiPo is having issues. I remember flying at Lake Tahoe in 20 degree (F) weather and only made it 2:30 minutes. The cold slams the battery efficiency hard, but as it’s being used, it heats up. Because of this, I think you are seeing the crit voltage being triggered, but the internal heat is keeping the voltage juuuuust high enough to keep flying.

The instructions sound wrong… which manual or instruction sheet was that from? I’ll see if it needs correcting.