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Skid Rover setup Problem

(rotems) #1

I’m trying to setup a skid rover as in documentation but it seams like the servo output stop following the RC input and I don’t understand why.

Please your help
Thank you

(David Boulanger) #2

Can you provide a lot more information?

(Rotem Shfaim) #3

Hello David,
I’ve connected my Taranis to a pixhawk board, perfom redio calibration (all required channels are calibrated and functional), then going to the Servo output section and when I’m moving the Ail stick (channel 1) the servo from output1 is responding, channel 3 (throttle) is not responding.
Then setting servo1 = Throttle Left and servo3 = Throttle Right, after this settings (as in the attached image) both servos are not responding.

Thank you for your help

(Sebastian Schürmann) #4

Throttle outputs are not active as long as the pixhawk is disarmed.

(David Boulanger) #5

Sounds like its not armed as count74 said. Is there a special reason you are using 3.2.0-dev?

(Rotem Shfaim) #6


You are right…
I had two issues:

  1. I didn’t calibrate the accelerometers
  2. Pixhawk was disarmed

Thank you very much for your help