Siyi A8 copter 4.3.6 cam1 type does not exist

Hello, following the arducopter siyi a8 manual on the wiki, its marked that for camera zoom and rec function cam1_type must be set to 4, I tryed setting cam_type to 4 but nothing happens.

Can you confirm that camera control for siyi a8 only work with 4.4 firmware and later?

CAM_TRIGGER_TYPE … please search this name

Experiencing the same issue. What i can find is CAM_TRIGG_TYPE. Is that what you were refering to? the option values available are 0, 1, and 2. The A8 mini manual states to set CAM1_ , to 4. I also want to confirm all the wiring for the A8 cam

Same issue here. ArduCopter heli 4.3.5, param CAM1 is missing, can’t control gimbal zoom. This param exists in latest 4.5.0 and in 4.4.0 beta1 aswell. Is there any other method of controlling zoom on a gimbal without this param?