SITL Rangefinder~

Hello developers!

I’m trying to build object avoidance in SITL.
For the first,
I followed the gazebo instruction (,

And now, I’m trying to add rangefinder on the iris quad copter.
I followed the document, linked below, but I cannot set parameters “RNGFND1_~”

My ArduCopter version is 3.6.0 (cause of some reason),
and I only can find “RNGFND_~” or “RNGFND2_~”.

I changed “RNGFND_MAX_CM” and “RNGFND2_MAX_CM” to 3000 (30m),
but, the rangefinder indicate up to 5000(50m).

How can I solve this problem???

First of all, update to arducopter 3.6.12, and set the Rangefinder orientation to 25

thx for your reply.

I update to master, and finally I found the parameters “RNGFND1_~”
I set “RNGFND1_MAX_CM” to 2000 and took off to 40m.
The “graph RANGEFINDER.distance” still indicate over 20m…
Ofcourse I restarted the SITL,
and I know that orientation 25 means. (Downwards == Indicate Altitude)

Also take a close look at: