SITL -Mission Planner 1.3.28 = No Hearthbeat over UDP

Hello Everyone,

I can run SITL remotely to a QCGROUNDCONTROL at 192.168.x.x:14550 ok
But I cannot communicate with Mission Planner with the same adress and port.

Please note that Mission planner is running vanilla without any devices or vehicule configuration.

more info please.

what are you connecting to, etc etc

is it using udp broadcast, or connection based udp… .etc etc


I downgraded to Mission Planner 1.2.90 and it works !!

So it is not a SITL issue, it is a Mission Planner issue.
Looking at the new features of 1.3.28, there is a new SITL implementation embedded and not yet fully fonctionnal: … -notes.txt

SITL on Windows

The SITL software in the loop simulation system has been completely
rewritten for this release. A major change is to make it possible to
run SITL on native windows without needing a Linux virtual
machine. There should be a release of MissionPlanner for Windows soon
which will make it easy to launch a SITL instance.

The SITL changes also include new backends, including the CRRCSim
flight simulator. This gives us a much wider range of aircraft we can
use for SITL. See for more