SITL Linux Set-up Troubleshooting: Error in the AP_BattMonitor_logging.cpp?

Hi There,

I am new to ArduPilot and I have been trying to setup the SITL simulation environment.
What I have done so far (following the instructions on setting up the build environment):

  1. I have cloned the ardupilot git repository.
  2. I have run the command `git submodule update --init --recursive’ as per the instructions
  3. I have run Tools/environment_install/ -y successfully, logged back out and back in to make permanent etc.

Finally, I go to run the SITL in the ArduPlane directory with: -v ArduPlane -f plane-vtail --console --map

and I get the following error

Any Help much appreciated! This is kind of urgent. Thanks a million in advance.

@devteam when I reverted from the latest master from github (beta arduplane) back to the last stable release of arduplane the issue went away. Maybe something to look into???

Try git submodule update --recursive

I have same problem any solution


Try ./waf clean if that doesn’t work step it up to ./waf distclean

@CAPTA1NHERPDERP Apologies for that wild off-the-cuff suggestion. Your initial description mentioned you’d done the step I suggested.

Your problem is that there’s a bug in the code. Looks like not all compilers are unhappy with no text string being supplied to static_assert - but yours cares.

Fix is here: - I’ll merge that later today assuming the CI tests pass.