SITL, first project, fast plane

I would like to try my first steps in SITL. I managed to compile and fly the test plane some rounds.
Now I would like to use a different airplane and simulate a fast jet, just to see how ardupilot handles it.

I created a new model and engine with the jbsim form [0] and stored it in …/Tools/autotest/aircraft/jet.xml

then I started SITL with --console --map --aircraft test

There are no warnings in command line but how can I say the correct airframe is used?

Best regards


Your command lacks the switch to use your new aircraft model in JSBSim.

Hi, as posted by Tridge and copied here for convenience:

" I’ve added support for different JSBSim models to master, and updated the docs here:
You just use the -f option, like this: -f jsbsim:MyModel"