SITL Acceleration

Hi Guys

Just wondering if there’s a way to make the SITL more realistic in GUIDED mode.
I’m controlling the drone using DroneKit/MavSDK (not fully decided yet) and to take off I’ve got to be in GUIDED mode.
Having run various experiments I’ve found that my SITL drone isn’t capable of accelerating any faster than two m/s per second (to be honest it never hit two but it did get close).
In addition, when accelerating in an upward direction the drone only manages 0.325 m/s per second.

Ideally, I’m looking for this to be more realistic and closer to a racing drone.


P.S. I’m well aware that there are system limitations - I’ve bought a powerful gaming PC which is GPU enhanced with 16GB of RAM - but surely we can get a little closer to the real thing.

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