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SingleCopter project, on hold

(Paul) #1

Hey folks on the bleeding edge of copter technology,

Please help me with my current SingleCopter project. So close, yet unflyable.

I’ve asked to move the item to this department.

Update 19 May 2019: I’m putting the project on hold for now, pending new advice and information. Please look at the rest of this thread for progress made to date.

Sincere thanks to Ardupillot and Singlecopter developers and testers. I hope to continue this testing soon.



(Paul) #2

Just reversed the motor/prop direction to be counterclockwise. It had been clockwise for earlier attempts and I want to make eveything just as the instructions say. With the counterclockwise prop the uncommanded yawing no longer occurs - that’s real good.

I can hold the machine up by the top center dowel while I power it up and get a feel for whether the control inputs and self-leveling feel correct. They did. I add a little more power then let go and the flight begins.

However once airborne. the machine veers left until it crashes. Frustrating.

I attached the log from the flight/crash in case anyone can divine why this happens.



2019-05-16 18-37-51.log (509.4 KB)

(Paul) #3

A few more test flights tonight. After switching the battery to the other side of the mast I noticed that the tendency to go left was much less. It was then tipping over in random directions.

In a moment of inspiration I then moved the battery lower on the vehicle to lower the center of gravity. In this configuration the machine was able to sustain controlled flight!

I was able to fly it out about 50 feet and then I selected RTL and it came about and returned toward the home location. Under autopilot control it was very smooth. This is great I thought.

However when it arrived at the home location it tipped over and crashed.

I think I next need to set the hovering throttle and work on the transition from RTL flight to the automated descent for landing.

Got dark and I will continue tomorrow. Very exciting.


(Paul) #4

Log analysis showed that hovering throttle was about 70% and that was too high. I need more power and the easiest way is to replace the currently-installed 2-bladed prop with a 3-bladed prop. The next best way is to replace the 3s max ESC with a 4s unit.

I will try the 3-bladed prop first.

(Paul) #5

Ok, tried the 3-bladed prop and the machine was uncontrollable.

Went back to the 2-bladed prop and tried the RTL test again. The machine came back to the home location but on its arrival it again went out of control and crashed.

What changes when it reaches the home location?

DF log attached.



2019-05-17 15-04-41.log (555.6 KB)

(Paul) #6

In another flight I tried a test of the LOITER mode which is of course a pre-requisite for automated hovering. Sure enough the machine toilet-bowled in increasingly violent swirls until it crashed. Ok, now I have a diagnosis.

Mounted the GPS/Compass unit higher up on the frame away from other electronics and re-calibrated in the open field.

(Paul) #7

Later I adjusted the PIDs until it actually could remain in control in LOITER mode. Fantastic. I ran out of PID “D” adjustment though as the maximum for pitch and roll seems to be 0.020. Current PIDs attached below. It was getting better each time and I thought a little more D might help.

The entire time the machine is flying, the fins remain busy flapping rapidly. No PID adjustment seemed to affect this phenomenon.

Made the first RTL and auto landing so am getting closer. DF log attached below.

10 5-17-2019 8-14-40 PM.bin (652.1 KB)

Any ideas about tuning the flapping of the controls?

Any ideas about improving the tuning in general?



(Paul) #8

Tried an automated mission this afternoon. It flew relatively smoothly to the first waypoint 100 feet up and 100 feet out. When it arrived it began to spiral out of control. I had to abort the mission and ditch it. Fortunately there was little damage as it lawn-darted into soft earth.

At this juncture I have to wait and see if any advice comes from this forum. Maybe I have the wrong kind of singlecopter, or maybe I do not have it tuned correctly.

I’m putting the project on hold for now, pending new advice and information. Thank you to Ardupillot and Singlecopter developers and testers. I hope to continue this testing soon.



100 feet up and 100 feet out at the waypoint

Spiraling out of control

Landing (humorous)

DF Log

2019-05-18 17-06-15.log (664.5 KB)