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Single copter help

Loading (Flashing) Copter to the Flight Controller.

Ohh what one do I pick, is it the blue one shaped like a helicopter, I have done that before but just to make sure I’m getting it right

The quad copter looking one. But any multirotor looking one will work as the defaults change with Frame Class and Frame Type parameters.

I just put it in quad, pitch and roll work, but yaw doesnt

Maybe now would be a good time to create a post in the correct thread. It’s not a Traditional Helicopter.
Never mind I see you have done that.

Well I am facing a problem with the test flights. as you can see that the drone is completed. but every time I try takeoff. it always topples to one side. I have labelled the sides with left and right, and I noticed it topples mostly to the left but log_25_UnknownDate.bin (369.3 KB) to the right. I tried to recalibrate mag and compass. and I even tried changing the stick movements of the transmitter, to check if they were giving opposite response. but it still didn’t help. so can you help me pin point the problem, as to what can be the issue. Log file is attached and video in the google drive is also attached…


You have double posted and you do not have a Traditional Helicopter so this is the wrong thread.

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