Simtoo Moment drone (Hoshi 007 Pro) Snapdragon

I’m searching some tracks to reprogramming the Simtoo Moment drone (Hoshi 007 Pro) a foldable drone who is sell 65 Euros (!!!) with a Snapdragon 801 inside but his original firmware is full bugged…
The Simtoo builder is out of order and his products are sell at very low price at Banggood and others sellers
Somebody can help me…?

Do you have some reason to believe the Flight Controller in this craft is Arducopter capable?

Yes because the Snapdragon 801 is listed in the PX4 / Arducopter compatible boards
For this price try to find a full hardware kit with 4k camera, GPS/Glonass, all motors and sensors…
The Snapdragon 801 board wiring…:

Some simtoo drones definitely ran ArduPilot but I’m not familiar with that one.
The snapdragon port hasn’t been maintained for a while, so it’s probably not working at the moment

Yes may be but it’s possible to try it with older version…
But i don’t know very well how to install another firmware, may be a track here…: