SIK Telemetry radio V3 solid red led

i have some Problems connecting a SIK Telemetry radio v3 to a Pixhawk 6c. The Radio on the drone shows a solid red led. I looked it up and i found out that its in firmware update mode, but i could not find a way how to get out of it. On the other Side the Radio connected to my pc running Mission Planner has a flashing green led. I also cant see a COM port in Mission Planner when the radio is plugged in. I hope someone knows what to do

Greetings from Germany

Get into the latest version of Mission planner.
And go in Setup >> Sik Radio
after you entering sikradio page
please click ‘Upload Firmware(Local)’
Please be careful, Make sure the comfort and band speed match

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Hi, Thank you for your answer
The Radio is actually working now, i found a YouTube which explains what to do

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