Shutting down the motor (aka gliding) doesn't work in FBWA

For some reason, when I cut the throttle in FBWA mode the motor doesn’t shut down completely every time. Any ideas ? Is there a parameter that controlls the lowest throttle in FBWA ?
Because to me it looks like a safety feature (aka make sure that there is always at least a little bit of thrust when flying) but that confuses me a lot.

When I test on the ground everything works fine (Full throttle on RC -> Full power, No throttle -> No power.

Probably just the prop free wheeling in the air flow, do you have the ESC break enabled?

Yep no breaks enabled. Sorry for the rookie question.
For clarification: Without the airbrake enabled on the ESC the prop might keep spinning from the incoming wind, looking as if the motor is still running.

Correct, without ESC braking the motor and prop will continue to spin. It’s common with motor gliders to set the ESC braking so their folding props will … fold.

If you’re flying a wing, (without a folding prop) or something where there’s a good chance the prop will touch the ground during landing I’d suggest leaving the braking off. That way the prop will freely move out of the way during landing and you’re less likely to break it.

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