Showing drone position on a map on a webpage

Lets say i wanted to show my drone position on a google map, the drone and or the ground station have internet connection. How could i feed the webpage with actual position?
I know it is probably complicate but if anybody has some hints than i can try to investigate forward and work my way.

You need a background process on your webserver which connects to the ground station (Mission Planner can relay Mavlink packets via TCP or UDP) and displays the drone position on the page. Or a javascript, or whatever web programing environment you prefer.

Ok thanks, i was thinking more about having a process on the drone itself, since it has 4G connectivity.

If you have 4G then I assume you have some computer onboard, then a small process on that computer can push the position updates to the remote server as well. And a MavProxy can provide data for that process.

Yes i have a raspberry on board and a small 4G router.

I was wondering if i can have a listener using dronekit maybe on gps position and than push it to the webserver. Didn’t look much into listeners but maybe are the right tool.

Perhaps look at

Andruav is interesting but we already have all the 4G system running on our vpn server and we added some on board securities.
I just implemented a server that streams the video on a web page from onboard and i would like to add a map next to the video to show position.

Yes, something like this (It just an excerpt from dronekit api docs, i’m not well versed in python and dronekit)

>  from dronekit import connect
>   # Connect to the Vehicle using "connection string" (in this case an address on network)
> vehicle = connect('', wait_ready=True)
> #Callback to print the location in global frame
> def location_callback(self, attr_name, msg):
>     print "Location (Global): ", msg
> #Add observer for the vehicle's current location
> vehicle.add_attribute_listener('global_frame', location_callback)

I guess i need to take a closer look at it, i am not really good at coding since my job is the net infrastructure not the code itself but i want to give it a shot. Thank you very much for the hint.