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Show off pictures of your area from your SkyViper!

(Sean Stevens) #8

On the coast with this pic, would this be in the bay area, west coast?

(Sean Stevens) #9

Just saw the SPI, your in the great state of Texas. I have family that live in Webster.

(Sean Stevens) #10

That looks like a great big place to fly, I bet you don’t hear shit from some of the neighbors about flying your drone. Some of mine are not to happy with mine.


Have 'em take a chill-pill . . . or fly after 10:00 pm when they are in bed?
It could be one of these! :shushing_face:

( .) #12

Show them the quality of the video…then they’ll leave you alone lol



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(Joe Dennis) #14

(Joe Dennis) #15

( .) #16

Is that the Chattanooga choo choo turn house?

(Joe Dennis) #17

Haha Close Halifax NS here is youtube channel link nothing special but check out if interested

(Jerry Ginn) #18

Hear is a view from 500ft between rain showers.

( .) #19

Night Flight after finally fixing radio signal loss!

(Danger Uss Mort) #20

I’m relatively new to flying and it was my first time using the skyviper but I think it did really well!

( .) #21

Add some excitement.

Download “Tower” or QGroundControl on your phone and connect to the SV with it.

Set these parameters appropriately.

Then take off and set mode to Circle. Use the Yaw to keep your subjects in the center and get a nice video shot.


( .) #22

Also, try Throw mode.

(Danger Uss Mort) #23

Awesome! Will do! I’m very glad I found this forum and looking forward to getting/sharing tips from the community. Appreciate the tip my friend!

(Andrew) #24

Falcon Heights, MN
I’m still amazed that the SV2450gps actually flies Tower missions. Ardupilot, who knew?

(Andrew) #25

Throw mode is a mind-blower.

How does it know what to do?

(Andrew) #26

newly-constructed Hall’s Island in the Mississippi River, Minneapolis MN

(J GN) #27

Sacramento, CA