Shaky hands, shaky copter

Hi all, I suffer from a small tremor. I have flown various Arducopter multi rotors that fly really nice and smoothly despite this however with stock settings you can really see my tremor translate to the copter. I don’t want to do this through expo as whilst that may solve at centre stick it does the opposite as the sticks get further out. So I know there are some input shaping parameters I can change but have a couple of questions about this. I am currently running 4.0.7 and was wondering if I am best to change ATC_Input_tc or if I should look at ATC_Accel_P_max, etc. If I use the ATC_Accel parameters is there any danger in setting these numbers too low? Thank you all.

I have a familial essential tremor in my left hand. It shows up when I try to carry a cup of coffee by the handle. The cup will start to shake and the longer I hold the cup the worse the shaking gets, almost like my hand is going into resonance.

This also shows you when I have doing “close work” like soldering or holding small parts and when I am flying.

To mitigate this I have set the throttle stick tension higher. Strangely enough this tremor effects throttle and not rudder… Go figure.

Start by incrementally Increasing this.