SF11 Lidar on Arducopter 3.6.6 (IC2)

I cannot get my SF11 Lidar to work with Arducopter 3.6.6. using the IC2 connection. The same lidar works on the same autopilot with Arduplane 3.9.5 (settings verified).

Note that in both Arduplane and Arducopter I am selecting ChibiOS. This appears to be a driver / version compilation issue?

Any insights welcome.


Hi Rory,

I did an investigation and it appears Arducopter 3.6.6 does is definitely not communicating with (at least) the Lightware devices. Arducopter is still correctly waiting and listening for the lidars, but it is not sending any data which is critical for the lidar to know it needs to send a distance result.

I tested with the release candidate for Arducopter 3.6.7 and the problem has been resolved there. So it looks like the fix will already be propagating in the Ardupilot eco system soon enough.

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Hi Rob,

Thanks for the response. I will watch the releases and test again when 3.6.7 is released.