Severe Input Lag From Dragonlink to Pixhawk 4


I am currently embarking on my first ArduPilot build, using a Pixhawk 4 and Dragonlink V3. I am running into so many issues. Currently, there is severe input lag in ArduPilot, such that the rc channels seem to update only once per second or so. I this problem persists over both SBUS and PPM, wasn’t present when I was using px4 on the Pixhawk, and is not a transmission issue between dragonlink transmitter and receiver (see video, where throttle, channel 3, updates just fine in the dragonlink GUI, but lags a lot in mission planner). It’s also not just a mission planner GUI issue as the throttle responds just like that when the drone is armed. Perhaps it has something to do with the Pixhawk’s strange blinking (see other video)?

Any help would be incredibly appreciated!!

Also if anyone knows how to get telemetry working over dragonlink please let me know.