Several errors using HereFlow

After 10 min of power on the drone, steady on the flor, I start to get all this errors…



Any chance you have an onboard log? I suspect that the EKF was not happy with the optical flow values it was getting for some reason. Maybe it was mounted incorrectly, perhaps the lidar wasn’t working well.

I’m wondering, is there an external lidar attached or does the vehicle only have the lidar that comes with the HereFlow? The HereFlow’s lidar is very short range and we’ve recently added a note to our wiki to warn users that they will need to use a separate lidar.

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Here is te log,

About the lidar, Im using a TFMini. The errer ocurre with the drone ON the flor, not flying…
By the way, the gyro problem always is related with this error.

Thanks for the log, I’ll see if @priseborough can have a peek because I’m pretty sure it’s an EKF issue.

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