Setup issues: APM 2.5 / ArduPlane 3.0.3 on X-5

I’m about to setup my X-5 flying wing and found this behavior:

  • In FlyByWire A Mode stabilization seems to work, but there is no control by RC transmitter possible. At least elevons moving in the right directions if I rotate the plane. Controlling them by RC transmitter works only in Manual Mode.

  • I’m able to trigger the Throttle Failsafe by switching off my RC (resulting in RTH after 20s), but I’m loosing throttle at the same time.

My setup:

  • APM 2.5 connected to FrSky D4R-II via PPM Sum signal
  • Tx channel assignment: ch1,2 - elevons, ch3 - motor, ch8 - APM mode
  • APM PPM outputs: ch1,2 - elevons, ch3 - motor

Any ideas? What can I check?

Thanks in advance!


OK, here is the log file.
I’m just switching between Manual and FBW A modes, while moving the stick on RC Tx.