Setting problem and crash

Hello. I have a quad with cube + herelink (I used solex TX) ESC is T-motor Alpha 40A LV. Props is 20. firmware 4.0.4. I have done ESC, accel, compass and radio calibration (Mission Planner). What kind “extended tuning” setting do you have or would someone give something advice? I tried to get fly safely and then make Auto tune adjustment (not succeed). First fly was crash. Flight mode was stabilize. Video:

Correct Spin Direction of Motors is okey.

Need a bin log to help.
On a very wild guess, i think you have corrections backwards, that could be due to wrong orientation of the board or motors not correctly connected to FC.


Please correct the motor sequence and after that do these:

Only after all that you can do the autotune.

I would have a DF file. Where can I send it?