Setting Password

Hi all,

i m a new member of the community and l need a simple information:

How can I set a password for config/tuning Menu?

Thank you

Sorry for my previous post

I find how to set the password, but seems not be what I hope…

My need would be to protect my config setting on my plane… I hoped the password was store on my autopilot so none access to my settings without it … but l think not be so.

So I ask you if there is a way to put a protection on my mission planner and ardupilot so no one access to my settings, I think I should made some modification to the software, right?

any help appreciate…

In Mission Planner?

Go to config/tuning, and select the Planner option from the left menu.
If you go to the config/tuning page when disconnected from the pixhawk/apm it’s the only screen showing.

At the bottom are several tick boxes, tick the one for “Password protect config” and it will pop up a window for you to create a new password.

The first time you go to the initial setup or config/tuning window’s it will then ask yo to enter the password, any subsequent attempts to go to those pages won’t ask for the password.

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