Set Servos at Waypoints


I need to perform 4 servo functions once the vehicle stops at a way point, the vehicle needs to remain at the waypoint for 3 minutes, then the reverse of the 4 servos happens… then rinse and repeat at the next way point.

Is this this possible to do with the simple “set servo” options in the GCS… or can this be achieved with Lua scripting?


I think this can all likely be accomplished within the waypoint mission itself rather than scripting. The DO command set is fairly robust.

I have tried this way a few times with limited success.

To get the servos running, and having a 3 minute delay after reaching WP, do I set a time delay for the WP… Or do I ‘delay mission’ by x time.

Or do I set two way points close to each other with the second WP having a 3 minute timer.

How do I get the servos running concurrent to that 3 timer…

Hope that makes sense.

Is there a way to copy those “do commands”… for example i might have 20 way points, I need the 4 actions to happen at each way point. Is there a replicate function for those actions?

There is not, but the waypoint file format is extremely simple (text readable). You could easily write a (Python or shell) script or even an Excel doc that could handle that.

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