Set POI via RC switch

We use a Octocopter with a thermal camera in agriculture for fawn-detection. For that we plan a mission and fly the field. When We find a hot spot, one of the helpers goes to that point while the copter loiters over that point.
I have used the „add POI“ button via Mission Planner to mark the hotspot. But it would be much easier to set the poi with the RC.
Would it be possible to add this feature?

What does the “Add POI” option in mission planner do on the vehicle that
we’d need to emulate? Is it setting the Mount’s point of interest, for

The add POI option doesn‘t change anything on the copter so far. But it would be great to simply add a POI on Mission Planner via RC. But the more I think about it, the more I guess it isn‘t possible to do that.
I would only like to save the actual position (coordinates) of the copter while loitering over the fawn.

Well, MissionPlanner does have access to the RC channel values, so it
would be possible for it to take actions based on the RC transmitter
switch positions.

Out-of-the-box you could potentially use the “toggle a mission in”
functionality available via RC switches in Copter - that’s RC channel
option “SAVE_WP” and the related “CLEAR_WP”. The effects of that should
be visible on MissionPlanner - you might need to reload-from-vehicle or
something - I don’t know, I’m afraid as I don’t use MP :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will give that a try!