Servos not responding

Hi, I just have built my T-Rex 600 E helicopter with pixhawk. My radio is Spektrum DX6i and I’m using ppm encoder. I’m using MP and Arducopter V3.2.1 heli firmware. I have done all of the callibration procedures, except for Heli setup. That is why I ask you guys for help. The buzzer, gps, battery power and the switch are connected to the pixhawk and it is blinking blue color. The switch is activated i.e. it is solid red and even i can arm so the HUD is displaying ARMED. However I have no servo movement by the transmitter at all.
My servos are connected to AUX 1-4 as per description in copter site (1-3 are for swash and 4 is rudder), and I’m powering the rail by 5V BEC on port AUX6. The MP in radio callibration tab sees the movement of the stick on the transmitter, so I figured it is working correctly.
The assignment of the channels in MP are as follows: CH1 - roll, CH2 - N/A, CH3 - N/A, CH4 - yaw, CH5 - flight mode, CH6 - elevator, CH7 - N/A and CH8 - throttle. All of the above are visibly moving in the radio callibration display.
The strange thing is that all of the 4 servos are powered i.e. squealing and during the power on of the pixhawk they move. In addition to that I can move them in MP servo tab (with the exception of ruuder, I don’t know why there are 7 servos there but I can controll only the last 3 of them, as I have rudder servo as well), but not in MP heli setup.
So can anyone help me with the problem? How come pixhawk accepts my radio stick movements but not translates them to move the servos, but still it can move it when powering on and during the MP servo test?
Any help would be much appreciated as I have lost almost a week reading forums and manuals, watching videos and trying to troubleshoot this. Thanks!

The servo’s should be plugged into the main outputs not the aux outputs.

David R. Boulanger

[quote=“David Boulanger”]The servo’s should be plugged into the main outputs not the aux outputs.

David R. Boulanger[/quote]

Thank you, David!
That fixed my problem, but I swear I read somewhere that the servos should be connected to the AUX ports of the PX. My bad, thank you again. :wink:

Good. Glad I could help. The Aux’s are handy for gimbals and camera triggers.

David R. Boulanger