Servo travel in FBWA vs PID values

Are PID values flight-controller dependent ? I have two planes that are setup exactly the same; all hardware and software are exactly the same. The only difference is, one is a Omnibus F4v3, and the other one is a F4v3Pro (very similar board).

When I pitch the plane’s nose way down, in FBWA (after motor is armed), the servo would move to the desired position, almost max travel limit as in manual mode with full stick up. The PTCH_RATE_P is default 0.08. For the other plane, however, when pointing nose way down, in FBWA mode the servo would barely move up. Even if I pull full stick up, the servo would move just slightly; maybe around 25% travel limit as in manual mode full stick up.

I need to set PTCH_RATE_P from 0.08 to 0.28 to match the other plane. What is causing the huge difference?

I’ve noticed on the ground that some planes don’t give me full deflection when testing FBWA control movements. As long as my RC inputs give me the proper total deflection and the FBWA movements are in the correct direction I’ve just let it go (and it hasn’t bitten me yet…) I have a couple of planes that are exact copies of one another and their tuning values are close, but not the same.

I wouldn’t go changing PTCH_RATE_P values to match that movement on a ground check. Especially if the plane is flying well already. Increasing that value too much is likely to induce some significant oscillations in flight.

Have both planes flown? Can you share a log, or parameter file from each plane? Maybe there something else going on.