Servo output not reading throttle

Hi everybody,
I have pixhawk orange.
In the “radio calibration” part, the throttle and all other bars move. In the “servo output” part, the other bars respond, but the throttle bar does not. The “servo7” bar was responding in the radio calibration and servo output sections, so I assigned the throttle parameter for servo7. When I assign the gas parameter for servo7, the servo7 radio responds in the calibration part, but it does not respond in the servo output part. How can I operate the gas bar in the servo output section?

The throttle output bar isn’t moving because the plane isn’t armed. It’s part of the safety checks. You can arm the plane and then it will move (according to the flight mode you’re in).

For the purposes of bench testing (ESC calibration, etc) you can force arm using mission planner. But I do not recommend disabling the safety checks. They’re there for a reason and if something is preventing you from arming it’s a clue you should address that before you fly.

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“logging failed” has a problem. Do you mind if I format my SD memory? If Pixhawk’s software is on the sd card, how should I do it? Only my daily flight records are kept on the sd card.

It’s not. Save the log files if you want them and then format the card in a card reader,

Ardupilot firmware is stored in the flash memory on the controller. The SD card is for logs and terrain data. Go ahead and reformat the SD card if it’s giving you trouble. Or if it’s a questionable one you may want to replace it.