Servo Output / Motor Output settings

Please see the attached photo. For those who have built a quad copter, what do you have your Motor Min’s set at? Do you match the low throttle?

It needs to be high enough to be turning the props a bit.

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It isnt actually important to manually check or set those values you show there.
Just do the RC calibration, ESC calibration and then use MissionPlanner motor test to determine MOT_SPIN_ARM and then add a bit for MOT_SPIN_MIN.

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I did the RC calibration. I did the ESC calibration. I did the motor test. To turn the motors at test, I had to set it at 19.

To ask a newb question, is this too high? Or is it just right based on previous steps. I assume there is no “one size fits” all setting here.

Are these the actual steps for esc calibration with a pixhawk 248 ? I had been calibrating via mission planner, but it says nothing about throttle max and min while calibrating…

Yes, the semi automatic method is my preference

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This may in part explain my issue(s) with calibration. I think I can now determine the deadzone and adjust accordingly. Before I was guessing, and ESCs were not being peoperly calibrated.

Just did the semi automatic esc calibration…wow! It was super simple and a lot more effective. The motors are a lot more responsive…