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Servo Output Behaviour

Hello Ardupiloters,
After a few successful flight tests with my quad. I’ve not been able to fly again, I think its a battery issue cause one of my battery cells got bad, its an old battery(3S 3600mAh 11v).
But of recent, I discovered that my servo outputs doesn’t all go up when throttle is increased, One particular servo output doesn’t get pass about 1200, it remains at the same position despite continues increase in throttle. A second servo output doesn’t get past about 1650, the remaining two servo outputs are increasing and decreasing fine with change in throttle value.

With pitch, yaw, roll and flight mode at stabilise, shouldn’t all servo outputs move up or down equally as throttle is moved?
Please, what could be the issue?
My ESC calibration and Radio seems okay.

Is the craft sitting on the bench with no props? If so what you report is meaningless.

Yes, I took the propellers off, so I’ll study whats going on with the pixhawk and maybe know why my quad is not flying. When the props are on, the quad would tip over on its side, with the propellers spinning onto the ground.

Are the servo output values in the pictures normal?

There is no normal with the craft sitting on the bench with no props. As I said this is meaningless. Use Motor Test in Mission planner to check that the order and direction are correct.

Yes, the order and direction are correct.
I just needed to know if my servo outputs are suppose to be showing something else. Since you’ve confirmed that there is no normal. I can rule that out that and try get a good battery. That most likely is my problem.
Thanks for you replies.

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