Servo motors for ailerons don't move

Hello everyone. I am currently working on my V-tail model and after succesfully completing all the mandatory hardware configurations I ran into a situation where the ailerons don’t move at all. I have set the plane type to normal on my Graupner MX-12 transimtter as to avoid V-tail mixing on it. Further, I have correctly set the input RC channels and my Servo outputs. I confirmed all of this in the Radio calibration and servo calibration windows of Mission planner as the bars move correctly when I move the sticks on my RC transmitter. However, the servos that actuate the ailerons don’t move nor do they stutter. (The V-tail surfaces move correctly and the esc drives the prop motor correctly, after I armed the plane) I am using the servos from the following link( The many bad reviews leave me wondering if they are actually faulty. I connected another servo from a different model to my servo output on the Pixhawk and it moved correctly. I did make sure that everything is powered up correctly. Is there anything else I should check before ordering new servos from Hobbyking? If you have any recommendations, feel free to share them here.

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This is an excellent test. I believe it proves that the servos are faulty, as you suspect.

Just in case you want to do one more simple test to confirm, try this:
First, verify that you can wiggle your V-tail. (You said this is working correctly.) Then, on the back of your flight controller (Pixhawk?), physically switch the plugs for the V-tail servo and the (not-working) aileron servo. Then try to wiggle the V-tail again. If the aileron does not wiggle, that confirms that the aileron servo is bad.

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Do you use any servo extension cables for the ailerons? If so, check them for function and reverse polarity.

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