Servo motor settings in autopilot apm2.8

Hi. When I connect the servomotor to the autopilot apm2.8, it starts to vibrate. This vibration servomotor is too high and does not allow control. I need help

You will need to explain the problem in a lot more detail for someone to help you.

Hi . I use a 6-channel hitec optice controller and an autopilot APM2.8 for the aircraft. When I connect the autopilot to the telemetry and then connect the receiver to the autopilot. Then I connect the receiver to the autopilot output. After connecting the servomotors to the autopilot, the servomotors start operating unnecessarily. And do not receive orders from control. Servomotors make a lot of noise. They are constantly working even though I have not been instructed by the controller.
Do autopilot servomotors need properties programming? If so, how can I overcome this problem?

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