Servo motor control

hello, we need a 360 degree servo motor that should stand at 3 different angles. But our servo motor is 360 degrees and when we turn it on, it always rotates or stops, we cannot adjust the angle. How can we ensure that our servo can go to the angle we want via MissionPlanner?

By not using a 360deg servo. PWM controls speed/direction with those not angle.

what you have is a continuous rotation servo not a 360 degree servo. look for programmable robot servos or sail winch servos.

300 degrees is also sufficient for our mission, but I couldn’t understand the method you said. We don’t know much about servo.

A 360 deg servo cannot directly be controller to an angle. They are controlled to a rotation speed and direction. Get a conventional servo.

if you have a 3d printer you could print a 2:1 servo gearbox and just use a regular servo if its a low stress application.

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I mean, if I print this gear system from my printer and place it inside my 180-degree servo motor, can I make a servo where I can adjust the 360-degree angle as I want. Sorry, my English is not very good.

exactly, it will double the range of a servo.

300deg servo

300deg servo