Servo Failsafe Position

Hi everyone!

I’m working on a quadplane with rear motors that tilt. At the moment I’m only testing in copter (specifically QStabilize) and incrementally tilting the rear motors for forward speed (with a transmitter potentiometer).

I just noticed now that because the tilting servos are facing each other, when a failsafe RTL is triggered they go to their min positions which is opposite (one up one down, or one ‘copter’ and one ‘forward flight’). How can I change the default for one servo at failsafe?

At the moment I’m just sending two channels from the transmitter (controlled by a single pot and one channel is just the negative of the other). I’ve also tried the RCn_reversed, RCn_trim, SERVOn_trim and SERVOn_reversed parameters but they do not seem to help.

I do know how to build the firmware if someone can point me to where to make the relevant change? Although I do not expect this to be easy for me, my coding ability is not on par for this kind of fix yet.

Thanking you in advance!


It looks like the code uses either the SERVOn_trim or RCn_trim position as the failsafe position, but as I said before, changing these parameters don’t seem to help…