Servo Control With Script

I am trying to actuate a servo with a script in mission planner. I have been trying to use the following command:


For some reason, this command is not working. I know the servo works because I was able to control it through the servo test tab in mission planner. Also, I know that the scripts are working with the aircraft because I came receiving the “done” message and I was able to use:


and it worked. Do you know why the Script.SendRC is not working? I would greatly appreciate your help.


What function is that RC input assigned? Some of the inputs will not accept RC overrides from MAVLink commands for safety reasons.

Do I change the function in the configuration? What would be the best for just actuating a servo?

You could have the servo output assigned directly to an input. I usually use on board Lua scripting to command servo outputs. That way something will still work without a GCS connection.