Servo 8 RC no input

Hello All,

I am building a gasser but I have stuck on Servo 8 servo.

I am using Radiolink AT9 as RC and autopilot is Pixhack V5. All is good but I cannot make the gas servo work from the RC8 knob.

I have tried many things from the things i have found from previous topics but cannot find the answer to fix my issue.

When I change the Servo 8 max min values the servo is moving to those figures with no issue. But it doesn’t respond to the RC input.

I also redo the radio calibration but didn’t change.

I am probably missing a silly detail :slight_smile:

Parameter file is attachedtrex700-360rc9Gasser.param (14.4 KB)


Well I forgot to mention that I have uploaded 3.60rc9 on this Pixhack.

I have uploaded the Stable version 3.5.7 on a Pixhawk 1 and I can control the servo8 there. So could this be something with pixhack v5 or the beta version i am using. Yet I have seen posts and videos people flying with 3.60 on a gasser so it must be something I am missing for sure.


kindly ignore this topic i apologize for keeping the forum busy. I found out the silly issue.

It must be armed before the throttle servo will respond.