Serialx_protocol parameter does not exist

Hello Everyone,

I have got ArduPilot 2.8, to which I can connect mavproxy and it says ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb) version is running. Problem that I am facing is that I am not seeing serialx_protocol parameters in the list. Even when I connect APM Planner v 2.0.25 in its full parameter list section I still can’t see serialx_protocol.

Can anyone please help me here ?

Update to Pixhawk hardware and Arducopter 3.5.5 firmware and the parameters are there.

old 8bit hardware is slowly being phased out. Please upgrade

Thanks amilcarlucas and MagicRuB, I have already ordered Pixhawk and will reply on this thread on how it goes.

But just for my understanding and for others like me, is it true that Ardupilot 2.8 is limited to arducopter firmware version 3.2.1? Even when I go to “Install firmware” option in APM Planner 2.0, it shows Arducopter v3.2.1 as the latest firmware.

[EDIT] I think bellow thread has more explanation about Phasing out Ardupilot 2.8

Yes. That has been true since APR15

Yes serialx_protocol and other related parameters now that I have updated my hardware to pixhawk 2.4.8 and software to Arducopter 3.5.5.
Thanks guys! Appreciated!