Serial Port 4 on Cube Orange ProfiCNC board inop for Benewake TF03 Lidar


I’m trying to set up a Benewake TF03 lidar on serial port 4 on a ProfiCNC /Px4 Carrier board with Cube Orange in Mission Planner and having zero luck. Seems so easy but no joy. I’ve set the following:

  • Serial port 4 (GPS 2 on carrier board) Protocol has been set to either 9 or 27. (rangefinder or Benewake TF03 respectively)

  • Baud set to 115

  • Lidar has a separate power supply of 5V and is energizing

  • I have verified Tx/Rx wiring twice and even set Bit to reverse the two just in case that helped.

  • Rangefinder 1 and Rangefinder A (I dont understand that!) have both been set to Benewake TF03 I.D 27. I even tried Benewake-Serial.

  • It should work but Sonar/Rangefinder Status screen shows nothing.

CAN is an option but I haven’t had luck there either.

I’m stumped !! what am I missing ??