Serial out NMEA EKF

Good evening, everyone, I’m from Brazil and I’m an ardupilot enthusiast. I would like to know the community staff if I have a “nmea” already processed in EKF at Pixhawk. Some serial exit with “nmea” that has passed through the EKF

I looked at the group but I did not find it. Sorry my english, him and google translator

The short answer is no, ArduPilot doesn’t provide a NMEA output stream.
Depending on the specific NMEA messages you are after, there are GCS tools to do this though, such as this MAVProxy module:

Good morning, james_pattison. Thanks for your response.
I gave a look at the script but his msg is not enough for min.
I’m trying to use these msg in an agricultural machine (Stara autopilot) that receives the browsing data from a gps antenna in the network, but I would need this gps data to have passed through the EKF of the pixhawk.

would be very interesting if the pixhawk had an output drive nmea processed with Kaman Filter for agricultural machines!